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1:1 meditative mentoring

£35.00 GBP

We can't deny that creativity is a part of being a human. A Zen master, Daido Loori tells us that 'every human life contains its seeds and is constantly manifesting it, whether we're building a sand castle, preparing Sunday dinner, painting canvas, walking through the woods, or programming a computer'.

The creative process points us towards our true nature and the journey to get there is intuitive and often experimental. Zen Buddhism and approach to Zen arts, helps us understand and cultivate our creativity.  Zen arts require an uninhibited intuition arising from the state of non-though, which can be experienced in during daily activities. The aspiring Zen artist firstly must develop perfect technical skills of their art. While calming the mind, and giving attention to the breath, she attains a deep concentration and a state of no-thought. When she overcomes any separation between himself and the object, she becomes it. 

With the Zen spirit in mind, together we will review your portfolio, exchange ideas, ask questions to prompt reflections and talk about blocks and barriers. You can bring to the session a series or a project you're working on but this is not necessary. I will also suggest a series of creative exercises and practices you can work with. 

Each session will start with a 15 meditation (zazen or guided). 

This mentorship is for you if:.

You're a photographer or work with visual media.

You're looking for guidance and creative assignments to work with

You’re looking for inspiration and ideas outside of your scope

You’re interested in the relationship between meditation and creativity

You're interested in Zen 


We can meet on a monthly basis  or as a one-off session (90 min) 

Sessions can be held in person or via zoom depending on our proximity. 

Free participation in monthly session included in the mentorship

Mentorship is offered in both English and Polish.

Book a free 20 minutes discovery call


This mentorship is offered as dana. Dana is a is a Pali word that means ‘generosity of heart’ and its practice works on the idea of reciprocity. I will offer what I hope will support and nourish your practice. In exchange, you are invited to give an offering of dana that reflects the support and you feel you have received. 

A suggested dana is £35-£55 

Kind words:

" Kasia has been such a great mentor. Her support & encouragement have been invaluable & I love the qigong practice to settle the mind & body before getting into photography chat. I’d recommend Kasia to anybody looking to deepen their creative practices & look forward to her upcoming creative community sessions!" - Sarah D.

"Working with Kasia is a magical experience. She puts you in the right mood and space through a meditation practice and follows up with an honest and inspiring conversation. She is always willing to share her experience & best practices and keeps you motivated by suggesting creative assignments as well as asking just the right questions which help you stay motivated and inspired. " - Sarah W.

Please drop me an email at: to arrange all the details

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