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monthly group sessions

£15.00 GBP

An opportunity to connect, to share and to listen. 

Each monthly meeting will begin with fifteen minutes meditative practice. 

We are going to explore guided meditation, zazen, experiencing without identifying and qigong.  

When the practice is over, we will dive into the monthly theme and share our reflections with each other.

First theme for month of September is Stillness

Themes for the following months are:

October - Change

November - Sensuality

During our session you are invited to share any creative piece you feel resonates with the monthly theme. This can be a poem, a photograph, a musical piece, a movement, a quote - all contributions are welcome. We will also have space for listening, talking and simply connecting with each other. 


We are going to meet on the first Wednesday of each month:

7th September - 7 pm - 8.15 pm

5th October - 7 pm - 8.15 pm

2nd November  -  7pm - 8.15 pm


My intention is to create a space that is inclusive, nourishing and inspiring. Therefore by joining this community, you’re asked to refrain from any harmful speech. You are also encouraged to express your filings when giving a creative feedback. Let’s be kind to each other.

Open to those who identify as women or non-binary.

If you're struggling financially and still would like to join, just drop me an email. No questions asked!

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