My first visit to Dartmoor didn’t disappoint. 

On day one we went on a hike to Wistman’s Wood, a small oak woodland which is home to a variety of mosses and lichens. Accompanied by drizzle and the endless fog, we walked for about 18 kilometres.  In the mist, boulders appeared from nowhere, like mushrooms after rain.

During our second day we visited the Tolmen Stone, located on the north bank of the North Teign River. Over thousands of years the river has bored a perfectly circular hole through the stone, that measures just over 1m across, large enough for a person to pass through.

The Tolmen Stone played a part in traditional healing rituals and is said to have healing properties. According to a little reading I’ve done, anyone passing through the hole in the stone will be protected from rheumatic illness. 

I’ve also found out that ‘holed stones were also used as a place for courting couples to pledge their vows. Part of the ceremony involved the couple holding hands through the hole’. 

As we arrived in Cornwall, after three days of camping, I couldn’t believe the blue sky and the scorching sun kissing my shoulders. Within a two hours drive, we were experiencing a complete change of scene.

Dartmoor, you were perfect. I’ll be back for more.

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