BTS - Wild Swimming with Deya

I met Deya last Tuesday and today, early in the morning, I joined her at Clevedon Lake to capture her outdoor swim practice. I love how sometimes the energy exchange between people is so pure and connection is so strong, that you immediately take it to another level.
When I got home, I took Kiki for a walk and it got me thinking how privileged I’m to be able to capture those intimate moments and have a little window into other’s mindful rituals. Today’s morning sparked an idea – I’d like my shoot with Deya to become a part of a series capturing people coming back to their bodies in the environment that for most of us is challenging and requires not only a discipline but most of all - being present. 

Here are  a few pics of Deya before , during and after the swim (I think the picture of Deya warming up hands is really special).

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