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online qigong class

£5.00 GBP

Mondays 10:15 am on Zoom, Thursday 7:30 pm BST


This 60 min class will start with a 45 min qigong practice, followed by 15 min of sitting meditation.

Qigong is a Chinese internal healing art and is one of the pillars of the Chinese medicine. Qigong slow, intentional movement supports physical wellbeing, joint strength, improves balance and draws inspirations from the natural world. And to me, qigong is an extension of my sitting practice and I like to think about it as a "meditation in movement".

Meditation practice can help us access a way of understanding about what happens in our own world, in­wardly and outwardly, on a moment-to-moment level. 


This class is offered as dana. Dana is a is a Pali word that means ‘generosity of heart’ and its practice works on the idea of reciprocity. I will offer what I hope will support and nourish your practice. In exchange, you are invited to give an offering of dana that reflects the support and you feel you have received. If you're in a difficult financial position, please feel free to still join the class. 

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