Qigong and Meditation 1-2-1

In this bespoke 1:1 offering, we are going to explore different forms corresponding with the Five Elements practice which teaches us how to take inspiration from nature and to cultivate our bodies, minds and spirits. 

In Qigong and Chinese Medicine, five elements or phases, outline the relationship between the different elements in nature and the life force, Qi. Each phase corresponds with a season, direction, internal organ, body tissue, emotion, sound.

Qigong is a Chinese internal healing art and is one of the pillars of the Chinese medicine. Qigong slow, intentional movement supports physical wellbeing, joint strength, improves balance and draws inspirations from the natural world. 


This 1:1 is offered as dana. Dana is a is a Pali word that means ‘generosity of heart’ and its practice works on the idea of reciprocity. I will offer what I hope will support and nourish your practice. In exchange, you are invited to give an offering of dana that reflects the support and you feel you have received. 

A suggested dana is from £15-£35 via paypal or stripe 

TO BOOK email kasiamurfet@gmail.com

The structure will be made bespoke to your needs. 

This 60min class can take place online or in person.

We can practice together zazen (sitting meditation) or explore guided meditation. 

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