Wednesdays 7:15-8pm GMT  on Zoom

£5/£9/£15 - free entries available!


This 45 min class will start with a 30 min qigong practice, followed by 15 min of sitting meditation.

In Qigong and Chinese Medicine, five elements or phases, outline the relationship between the different elements in nature and the life force, Qi. 

Each phase corresponds with a season, direction, internal organ, body tissue, emotion, sound etc.

Element of Wood corresponds with the season of Spring. Fire with Summer, Earth with Late Summer, Metal phase with Autumn and Water with Winter. 

Each class we are going to explore different forms corresponding with the Five Elements practice which allows us to reflect a deep understanding of natural law and inspires us to cultivate and honour our bodies, minds and spirits. 

This class is offered as dana

Dana is a is a Pali word that means ‘generosity of heart’ and its practice works on the idea of reciprocity. I will offer what I hope will support and nourish your practice. In exchange, you are invited to give an offering of dana that reflects the support and you feel you have received. If you're in a difficult financial position, please feel free to still join the class. 

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